What Darth Vader Says about APAC!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interesting What APAC is allowing.....(warning Post is explicit)

Wow is this what APAC has come down to? Holy Crap

Link is below:


I have heard many rumors of this over at APAC, but this one takes the cake.

Nice Legs At APAC! - m4m (APAC EAST)
Date: 2010-05-25, 5:01PM MST
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We work together at APAC. You're in the Prepaid department and I work in Postpay. I always catch a glimpse of you in the break room or in the restroom and evrytime you take my breath away!

Today you wore a yellow shirt and white shorts. you have the hottest hairy legs in the building! I know you've seen me checking you out and I hope you find this ad.

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  1. APAC breaks the "No Asshole Rule" every day in every way

    (Based on experiences during 1 month at Tucson APAC circa fall 2009 and also for 6 months in early 2003)

    I have worked at various bad jobs in the course of my erratic career, including a graveyard shift at a brutal plastics factory in the early 90s, but none have been as negative and unsavory as APAC (Tucson branch). For starters, the facility itself literally stinks and is unkempt; the general manager refuses to fraternize with his own workers and is too cowardly to look anybody in the eye; the management consists of uneducated, mean-hearted busy bodies who attempt to rule by fear and have no discernible skills besides writing people up for arbitrary reasons; and the training is over-extended, chaotic, and infantilizing. And the production floor! What a pit of low-life scum: back biting, incompetent and uncaring supervisors...little worker bees who are slack-jawed blob-faced nobodies eking out their miserable, low-paid existence...an environment filled with self-righteous Bible thumpers mixed with subliterate gang-bangers and other pathetic castaways in the Game of Life.

    The over-all vibe is of defeat and resignation, toxicity & dead-end frustration. Some "culture"! If you have a shred of self-respect, avoid this toilet bowl of a call center like the bubonic plague.

    1. You sure you're not at the Tampa site??? lol the "site director" directs jack shit accept for his penis into the HR manager (His wife showed up to our site flipping out because of this) and his feet from the floor to his shitty desk....his name is Brent and honestly I fucking hope his red faced retarded looking ass dies. :)

  2. I should have written, "gang-banger wannabe's"...ha ha.

  3. apac_sucks_donkey_dicks

  4. Fuck Apac

    And if you are APAC management reading this: FUCK YOU too.

  5. p.s.

    Apac still sucks.

    Always has, always will.

    FUCK YOU apac.

  6. I just want to say the Cedar Rapids, Iowa location is managed by a stupid bitch and I don't know how she lives with herself. I've never worked for the company myself, but I hear from a lot of the employees there about the shit that company pulls and the illegal operations going on. P.S. I have a friend who works at a gas station where the "big wigs" come in for coffee and over heard them say they are shutting down some of the AT&T departments. Get out of that shit hole while you can!

  7. Anonymous

    APAC in Davenport, Iowa is such a shit hole. *specifically Medco* Nobody management wise wants to help any of the reps, which makes me sick when they act like they know what's going on when they don't have a slightest clue. If anyone comes across this-PLEASE save yourself DON'T work @ APAC for fun, only if you are in desperate need of a job. & if you do work there-keep looking for another job. They only see you as a number & only care about themselves & their servicing levels. REALLY?? IS THIS WHAT ITS COME TOO?? FUCK YOU!

  8. Anonymous
    I hate the managment they are rude.. they never have things under control always.. nothing on track thing like that they fucking suck

  9. Apac in Davenport Ia is one of the worst managed businesses I have ever seen. I have worked there for many years. The work environment, the management (what a joke) and the pay are horrible.

    I have been there for many years, due to a disability I have trouble getting jobs elsewhere, but I have seen how poorly they treat their employees. If you are sleeping with your supervisor, or belly up to the bar with them after work hours you are better off than most because of the wonderful world of favoritism, which is rampant in the Davenport, IA office. Managers come in reeking of alcohol, employees come in from break reeking of marijuana, but managers freak out if, God forbid, you have a coat on your chair. We didn't even have coat racks until they wheeled 2 portable ones on the floor last week, and we were told to wad up our coats and throw them on the floor under our desks on the filthy floor that hadn't been vacuumed for 2 1/2 months because coats on our chairs is too 'messy'.
    The chairs on the floor are many years old, broken, smelly and filthy, many are marked on the backs in marker, sharpies or even nail polish with names, initials or symbols so people can identify 'their chair'. Old, boxy monitors on some call floors stay broken for months, equipment is out of date, broken and break down often. I have seen stations broke down for over a year. Floors go for months and months without being vacuumed, bathrooms reek and are unsanitary, filthy and disgusting. The 'good' one that the GM and upper management uses is locked for their use only.

    Pay is terrible. People that have been there for 10 years still commonly make 9 or 10 and hour depending on program. Keep in mind, the minimum wage in Illinois, 10 miles away from here is 8.25 an hour. Wage increases do not follow you from program to program. For example, If you are a long time employee, and worked for Citibank 6 years ago for 8.50/hr and got merit increases to equal a wage of 9.50/hr, if you transfer to UPS and they only pay 8.50 there then you are back at 8.50 and LOSE your merit increases. I have co-workers that made over 12/hr 9 years ago that are making 9/hr now.

    High school kids right after graduation with no experience are making the same as vetran employees that have been doing customer service for over 20 years.

    >>>>> continued on next post

  10. >>>>> continued from previous post

    They also have the dreaded 'STAR' bonus that is supposed to give you 1/hr extra for meeting certain quality attendance and handle time goals. The concept is a good idea, but in reality it is for their benefit. If too many people meet the goal they change the stats to make it harder to obtain. There was a program out there that had over 100 employees and only one was a star player. What a joke.

    It is widely jokes that at Apac you can tell when upper management is coming to the site because everyone panicks and tries to clean up the place for three days before they come... I would LOVE to see a client or upper management show up unexpectedly - maybe then they can all wakeup to see what a joke this place is.

    They have 'Focus groups' that are selected when upper management comes. Several employees off of each program are preselected_ they select employees that don't look Ghetto, that can speak properly, that dress nice and seem intelligent and mature, then they go meet with the upper management for a question and answer session. This is to ensure that the place is being run properly, and that employees have a 'voice' with upper management. What upper management does not know is that these preselected people have been screened very carefully and have been told what to answer and to not EVER under ANY circumstance say anything bad about the Davenport location. One employee was nearly fired for telling the truth about an ongoing issue at work that has not been fixed after several years. So much for accurate 'focus' groups.

    The high attrition rate (employee turnover rate) should be a dead giveaway to how poorly the company is run. Every year there are more employees that leave the job than what work there. They are CONSTANTLY hiring. They cannot keep quality people at the wages they provide, and if I did not have my disability issues I would be gone too. I just need my insurance too badly. This could be a good company if they paid wages that would attract a decent employee and management group.

    1. I hope you read this. Are you still there? Somehow the Davenport office is the best APAC office in the US. So I guess I'm glad I work there. The pay is not bad for how easy it is to get the job. ATT, Mediacom, MidAmerican Energy all pay more but are much much more difficault to get in. At that they are never hiring and when they are they are only hiring one class of 10-20 with everybody with call center experience trying to get it. Its unfortunate because I do my job well but APAC wont tell them that. I honestly believe I am a top 10 agent on the floor of medco, and that is being modest. I would be a "STAR" if not for my bogus points. I somehow have made it over a year and was not the best employee when I started. When I did slack off and had absolutely no chance of getting bonus they treated me great. The only thing I got was you need to lower your handle time and improve quality. I was never being threatened to get fired nor screwed over. No I have my after call work to best on the floor and my quality is at 100% and I am constantly getting screwed over. I doesnt make sense. They praised me when I didn't care and now that I am one of the best they just want to get rid of me. Now Express Scrips(Medco) is random calling us. I have got 2 or 3 calls from Express Scrips and passed all with flying color... And they have expressed how much they like me and how well im doing. So why am I being oppressed by APAC when all Im doing is making them look good. If it wasnt so hard to find something that was full time and paid as well id be gone. but unless I want minimum wage or less than 20 hours a week im stuck. I had a decient job that was almost full time and paid just a little less that I left before APAC and it was the biggest mistake I have ever made. trust me. There is nothing worse than APAC. I would have never left where I was before having known. I guess hindsight is 20/20

  11. I am also a disgruntled and disgusted scapegoat of ACRAP Customer Services.
    One thing about call centers is that they're filled with people who love to gossip. But APAC is also a cesspool of favoritism and different rules for different people. For example, say that you dated a supervisor there and had been prior to him/her becoming a supervisor and you both had the same schedule the entire time. This is my situation and now, all of a sudden, we are told we can't work the same schedule or even work on the same side of the building, which we have been for at least a year. So my schedule was raped and now I'm fucked out of my promotion bc the only way to promote at ACrack is to work the night shift.
    But our married General Manager has had an intimate relationship with a representative at our company for about eight months. They work the same schedule, on the same side of the building. But for them, it's okay. I wish I knew of a corporate relations number to report this never-ending, slippery-slope of bullshit. Even the human resources head-person is in on it, and acknowledges the fact that there ARE different rules for different people but does absolutely nothing to correct them.
    They have even recently accused me of reporting them to the ever-ominous "corporate," which I would've but every time I've tried to call the Ethics hotline, it's busy--ha!
    If I had his contact information, I would write a terrifying graphic letter to the CEO of APAC, Kevin Kelleghan and let him know of the slippery slope of bullshit which trickles down and terribly effects his peon, "front-line of defense" customer services reps.
    But, based on his choice for a management team, he's either naively unaware or, more than likely, a complete douche like. If anyone knows of any type of contact information for corporate relations, ethics or ANYTHING, please post it! Because that would allow me to professionally express the maelstrom of un-ethics I've been dealing with for about four months now.

  12. All of the above descriptions of these white collar criminals who run this scuzz pit of a call center only begs the question:


    Also, I suggest that somebody print out these web pages and mail them via certified mail to the VIPs all of Apac's current top clients...because revenge is a dish best served cold !!

  13. The New World Order BeginsJuly 7, 2011 at 12:57 PM

    I just got put on "administrative leave" from APAC in Davenport because some report shows I dropped 44 calls in one day---did I mention that I had gotten approval for a paid 2 week vaca. and I was a brown belt in csr member compliments. I'm being investigated and they will let know in a day or two if I have a job. Oh, goody.

    I take 60-100 calls daily, there's no-way I would drop that many calls. I believe the report they ran was bogus, they never let me hold it or look at it, it could have been a report on anyone.

    So exactly 1 month before said paid vacation, I was essentially fired. Oh, and did I mention I used my health benefits pathetic as they may be. Just last week my team lead said how happy she was that i was working there .wtf.

    Beware--if you can chew gum and walk you'll get hired, but almost no one makes it to a 1 year anniversary. Oh and, if you happen to be smarter and more educated than your superiors, you'll get hired, but not for long. People have a way of disappearing here.

    It was better b4 when APAC/MEDCO had a contract negotitated by the hour. At least we got coaching, team meetings, sop updates. Now the contract has been negotiated by the minute-no more team meetings, no more coaching, no time to read sop udates except on your own time.

    I also understand this is a viable business model for many companies--I used to work at Dillard's. They, too only want you to stay around 1 year or less. Well, after a year at any job most people start expecting things like paid vacation, holidays and benefits. As you approach your first anniversary, more and more reports show you underachieving with artificially high goals and after 3 of these-FIRED!

    1. Ya APAC blows menstrual chunks....they suck HUGE.

  14. I work at the Apac East center in Tucson, AZ and I am disgusted with the way that things work around here. My trainer was awesome but training was a joke. There were no rules in training - there was one girl in class who would *not* stop talking about her twins and how she clips coupons and then decided work was an appropriate place to talk about how much she hates the health care plan! Our trainer did NOTHING. After I got on the floor, I got a manager who is a refugee from upper management who will admit he has no clue. I have seen customers get treated like crap and had to be party to it. I cannot wait to get a new job and get out of this pit.

    1. you're not alone, Tampa sucks big floppy donkey dicks too.

  15. Is there anyone there that has been a CSR from home? How did it go for you?

  16. I was a Supervisor there (in the tampa, FL office) when it was teletech, I transitioned to APAC because I have a family and couldn't stay with teletech. The site director, Brent Bressler is the BIGGEST piece of shit I've ever met.....not only was he banging the HR manager (Brents wife cam to the site flipping out about it in front of EVERYONE) but he and said HR manager bully people, talk down to people, and send inappropriate emails to the entire site talking down to and about employees. God forbid you're sick (as a supervisor)....ha! that doesn't fly.....they'll find ways to make to suffer for calling out and they won't pull anyone to cover your team and help you out while you're gone, so paperwork just piles up......They'll also suspend you for professionally speaking your mind and while you're "suspended" they'll say "dont worry we'll call you to come back in and setup a meeting to discuss what happened".....thats crap, because they'll actually call you the 2nd or 3rd day and tell you you're fired for no call no show. This was round about 2006 so they could've become a better company (Doubt it I have a bunch of friends still getting screwed there) but hey try it out.....oh and the HR rep Alicia Brighton is a complete shit bag. :) Call her at 8136636000, she won't answer, go ahead leave her VM's...leave 10 she'll NEVER call back unless it benefits her.

  17. I notice no one has posted anything in a while. I worked at the APAC here in Newport News VA. I have worked in a couple of difference Call Centers before this one. What a difference when the company actually owns the Call Center. Not like UPS owns APAC. I understand the managers drive. Their bonuses are based on performance. They are not there to be your friend. Overall the managers are nice folks. I believe a lot of the grief comes down from UPS hammering them for results. The site manager is a nice guy. He actually goes around and talks to the folks on the floor. I was surprised he remembered my name. I think UPS is too hard on folks for simple errors. Yes IRIS is your friend. I left the company over a year ago and I am much happier where I am now. They do some things right or they would not still be in business. But they don't seem to care that they have a 40% turn over rate. Lets just say they could do more.

    1. Well that was really nice for you. In Medco or now express scrips they are only there to make you fail. The treat the slack offs like they do nothing wrong and people like me who actually try to do my job well and try to hit bonus they FUCK. I have had my handle time down to 1.5s best in center and my quality is 100%, again tied for best in center. I have not missed any days for over 2 months. yet they still wont take my "points" away so I can hit bonus. Points are supposed to role off after 30 days. Maybe they just dont for me. The other day my branch was closed down because we had -30 degree weather and, as far as I know, there lines froze and we would not have been able to work. Knowing how they are I checked with some fellow co-workers and they also had it off. I still didnt think I was safe so I call APAC as well and management confirmed that yes I did have it off. I came to work the next day and they had me in the system as a no call no show with 2 addition points from november and july on days that I did not miss. When I went to management they told me that they cant check that far back. How did I get the points if they cant check it? They are also not paying me my holiday pay for New Years. There is no explanation as to why, but its not managements problem so why would they do anything to fix it. Its not like they aren't getting paid. My "boss" is an idiot. It has gotten to the point that no one can go to her with question cause she doesnt know the answer to anything. APAC is just a big joke and from what it seems like, it doesn't matter what one you work at. My advise is that its a good job to make money while you look for something else. If you do go to APAC and get to pick your schedule, make sure you have a weekday off so you can interview. But you will never make bonus. You will never get anywhere in that company, and it will only disappoint you if you try to do your job well. So slack off and find something different.


  19. Apac may you go down to the depths of hell. Management can get away with all types of hell. But if you open up about it they will make sure you get fired. I was let go because i had posted on facebook what i felt so they fired me for social media on my own time and own place

  20. I would encourage everyone who is not happy with APAC to keep looking for other employment. There is something better out there. I have worked at Cox Communications and at Canon. Both of which were their Call Centers. Good companies to work for. The other one to think about is the UNION. I am not a fan of Unions. But, that would sure shake things up at APAC. The UPS Drivers are part of a Union!!!!